PDF of Curriculum Vitae (updated 1/15): C.V.-1.15


Suzanne W. Churchill

Professor of English

Davidson College • Department of English • P.O. Box 6927 • Davidson, NC 28035-6927

(704) 894-2695 • suchurchill@davidson.edusuzannechurchill.com



Ph.D.   English, Princeton University (1996)

Dissertation: Poetic Renovations: Others and the Changing Spaces of Modernism.
Directors: A. Walton Litz, Michael Wood, and Diana Fuss
Scholar Exchange Program, Stanford University (1992–93)

M.A.    English, Princeton University (1992)

B.A.     Middlebury College, Vermont (1988)
Salutatorian, Summa Cum Laude, Highest Honors in English
University College, University of London (1986–7)



“Little Magazines.” Companion to Modernist Poetry, ed. by David Chinitz and Gail McDonald (Malden, MA, and Sussex, UK: Blackwell 2014), 172-184.

“Introduction: The Harlem Renaissance and the New Modernist Studies,” special Harlem Renaissance issue of Modernism/Modernity 20: 3 (September 2013), introduced and co-edited with Adam McKible.

“The New Poetry: Glebe (1913-14), Others (1915-19), and Poetry Review of America (1916-17),” co-authored with Ethan Jaffee (Davidson College ’08), Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazine, Vol. II: North America, 1880-1960, edited by Peter Brooker and Andrew Thacker (Oxford University Press, 2012), 299-319.

Pas de Deux: la danse dada de Mina Loy et Alfred Stieglitz,” Carrefour Stieglitz: Colloque de Cerisy-la-Salle, sous la direction de Jay Bochner et Jean-Pierre Montier (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2012), 325-338.

“Modernism in Magazines,” co-authored by Adam McKible, in Oxford Handbook of Modernisms, ed. by Peter Brooker, Andrzej Gasiorek, Deborah Parsons, and Andrew Thacker (Oxford University Press, 2010).

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Review of Poetry for Young People: William Carlos Williams, edited by Christopher MacGowan and illustrated by Robert Crockett, William Carlos Williams Review 25: 1 (Spring 2005), 94-97.

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Review of Mark Morrisson’s The Public Face of Modernism: Little Magazines, Audiences, and Reception, 1905-1920, Modernism/Modernity, 8:3 (September 2001), 531-3.

“Making Space for Others: a history of a modernist little magazine,” Journal of Modern Literature, 22:1 (Fall 1998), 47-67.



“The Digital Database: a Model of Student, Staff, and Faculty Collaboration,” co-authored with Susanna Boylston and Kristen Eshleman, Transformations, a publication of Academic Commons, Aug. 26, 2014, http://www.academiccommons.org/2014/08/26/the-digital-database-a-model-of-student-staff-and-faculty-collaboration/

Case Study #5: Digital Studies/Digital Humanities, “The Digital Database: a Model of Student, Staff, and Faculty Collaboration,” co-authored with Susanna Boylston and Kristen Eshleman, in Making the Connection: Six Studies of Technology and Collaboration in Liberal Arts Institutions (Atlanta, GA: Associated Colleges of the South, 2014). http://makingtheconnection.pressbooks.com/

Index of Modernist Magazines. Website co-authored by undergraduate students at Davidson College. http://sites.davidson.edu/littlemagazines/

Introduction to Others: A Magazine of the New Verse.” The Modernist Journals Project (Brown University and The University of Tulsa). http://dl.lib.brown.edu/mjp/render.php?id=mjp.2005.00.113&view=mjp_object



“Little Magazines and the Gendered, Racialized Discourse of Women’s Poetry,” A History of 20th-Century American Women’s Poetry, ed. by Linda Kinnahan, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming in 2015.

“Mammy of the South / Silence Your Mouth”: The Silencing of Race Radicalism in Contempo Magazine,” with Davidson College class of 2011 students Rachel Anderson, Zoe Balaconis, John Evans, Lisle Gwynn, Hamilton May, Josh Parkey, Susan Ramsey, Danny Weiss, and Liza Winship, accepted for publication in Modernism/Modernity.



Interview with Marjane Satrapi, Davidson College 2014 Reynolds Lecture (October 2014).

“The Silencing of Race in Contempo Magazine & Modernist Periodical Studies,” Modernist Imprints: A Symposium, University of Georgia (April 2014).

“The Digital Database: a sustainable model of student, staff, and faculty collaboration,” Remediating the Avant-Garde, Princeton University (October 2013).

“Talk about Silence: Race Issues in Contempo and in Modernist Studies.” Invited speaker, CUNY Graduate Center (October 2013).

“Talk about Silence: Race Issues in Contempo and in Modernist Studies.” Plenary address at Modernist Magazines in the Americas: Points of Departure. Rothemere American Institute, University of Oxford, England (12/12).

Pas de Deux: Mina Loy and Alfred Stieglitz Dance Dada.” Dada Festival. Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC (9/12).

“The Power of Images AND Words,” workshop for The Power of the Image symposium, North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC (2/12).

Pas de Deux: Mina Loy and Alfred Stieglitz Dance Dada.” Carrefour ‘Alfred Stieglitz’, Centre Culturel International de Cerisy-la-Salle, Normandy, France (7/10).

“Modernist Periodicals and Pedagogy.” Transatlantic Print Culture Symposium. University of Delaware (4/07). Co-presented with Davidson students Lauren Yero (’07) and Nakia Long (’08).

“Roundtable on Modernist Periodicals.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Tulsa (10/06)

Interview with Zadie Smith, Davidson College 2006 Reynolds Lecture (September 2006).

“Modernism and Little Magazines” seminar. The New Modernisms III, Rice University (October 2001).



Organizer and presenter, Roundtable on Digital Humanities and the Harlem Renaissance, MSA 16, Pittsburgh (11/14).

“From the Futurist Page & Dada Stage to a Digital Platform: Re-presenting Mina Loy,” seminar paper, “Digitizing Women Poets,” MSA 16, Pittsburgh (11/14).

“Re-Mediating Modernism & the Harlem Renaissance: Digital Archives & the Problem of the Invisible Color Line,” Roundtable on Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance, Modern Language Association, Chicago (1/14).

“Harlem Renaissance Studies Now.” Seminar co-led with Adam McKible. MSA XIII, Las Vegas (10/12).

“Re-Staging Futurism: Mina Loy, the Avant-Garde, and Mass Culture.” MSA XIII, Las Vegas (10/12).

“‘Mammy of the South / Silence Your Mouth’: Race Radicalism and Censorship in Contempo.” MSA XII, Buffalo (11/11).

Roundtable Chair: “Shifting Structures of Innovation: Mina Loy, Visual Culture, and the Avant-Garde,” with Linda Kinnahan, Susan Rosenbaum, Irene Gammel, Susan Dunn, and Alex Goody. Modernist Studies Association, Buffalo, NY (2011).

“Graphics Workshop: Muriel Rukeyser, Writing and ‘the Arts of Sight,’” MSA XI, Montreal (11/09).

Organizer and chair of MSA Teaching Forum: “Teaching as a Second Language,” MSA XI, Montreal (11/09).

Seminar participant, “Teaching With Magazines,” MSA XI, Montreal (11/09).

Audio recording for Alias Man Ray: The Art of Reinvention, The Jewish Museum, New York. <http://www.thejewishmuseum.org/exhibitions/manray>

“Appropriating Africa: Crisis, Fire!!, and African American Youth culture,” MSA X, Nashville, TN (10/08).

“‘Looking Like a Futurist Poster’: Mina Loy, Futurism, and Mass Culture,” Roundtable: The Cultural Turn in Women’s Poetry Studies, Lifting Belly High: A Conference on Women’s Poetry Since 1900, Duquense University (9/08).

Panelist, “Open Forum on Teaching Modernism: ‘Making It New’,” MSA 9: Geographies of Visual and Literary Culture, Modernist Studies Association, Long Beach, CA (10/07).

“Re-Orienting American Modernism: Images of Japan in Poetry and The New Yorker,” MSA 9: Geographies of Visual and Literary Culture, Modernist Studies Association, Long Beach, CA (10/07).

Panel Organizer and Chair, “The Theater of Harlem: Literary and Visual Cultures,” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Tulsa (10/06)

“Impasse to India: Hinduism & Homosexuality in E. M. Forster’s Passage to India,” Modernist Studies Association Conference, Chicago (10/05)

“Muriel Rukeyser and You,” Conference on Poetry of the 1940s, National Poetry Foundation, University of Maine, Orono (June 2004).

“’I have seen this swan / and I have seen you’: Marianne Moore and Ekphrasis,” Marianne Moore Conference, Penn State (March 2003).

“Outing Eliot,” Modernist Studies Association IV, University of Wisconsin (October 2002).

“Traps and Releases in Vladimir Nabokov’s Fiction and Alice Fulton’s Poetry,” American Literature Association annual conference, Cambridge, MA (May 2001).

“The Lying Game: Others and the Great Spectric Hoax of 1917,” The New Modernisms II, University of Pennsylvania (October 2000).

Participant, seminar on Crossing Boundaries in the Arts, The New Modernisms II, University of Pennsylvania (October 2000).

“Little Magazines, Politics, and Aesthetics,” panel proposal accepted for Rethinking the Avant Garde: Aesthetics and Politics, Notre Dame (April 2000).

“The Lying Game: Others and the Great Spectric Hoax of 1917,” Rethinking the Avant Garde, Notre Dame (April 2000).

“Modernism and Decadence,” panel proposal accepted for The New Modernisms, the Inaugural Conference of the Modernist Studies Association, Pennsylvania State University (October 1999).

“The Decadent Jew in T.S. Eliot and Djuna Barnes,” The New Modernisms (October 1999).

“Proletarian Prufrock,” Modernism and Popular Culture Seminar, The New Modernisms (October 1999).

“Poetic Renovations: interior designs and the spaces of sexuality in American modernist poetry,” Modern Language Association Convention, San Francisco (1998).

“‘The Jew is underneath the lot’: Structures of Anti-Semitism in T.S. Eliot and Djuna Barnes,” Midwest Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago (1997).

“Williams and the Poetics of Ending Others,” William Carlos Williams Society panel, Modern Language Association Convention, Chicago (1996).

“‘Here in this room, desiring you’: Interior Designs in Modernist Poetry,” International Colloquium on American Modernism, University of Montreal (1995).

“Making History: Alfred Kreymborg and the Founding of Others,” Twentieth-Century Literature Conference, University of Louisville (1995).

“Women Poets, Little Magazines, and Modernism,” Women’s Studies Colloquium, Princeton University (1994).

“Exploding Myths about Sexual Difference and Aesthetic Indifference: Others for September, 1916, ‘A Woman’s Number,'” Central New York Conference on Language and Literature, SUNY-Cortland (1994).

“Framing Mina Loy: An Effectual Marriage?” The National Graduate Women’s Studies Conference, University of California, San Diego (1994).

“The Drive: Erotics, Poetics, and Mechanics in William Carlos Williams’ Early Poetry,” 19th- and 20th- Century Colloquium, Princeton University (1994).



Digital Mapping Learning Community, Davidson College (Spring 2015).

Davidson Domains Workshop, Davidson College (December 2014).

THAT Camp Davidson (October 2014).

Digital Studies Summer Institute, University of Victoria, Canada (June 2014).

Digital Studies Initiative faculty/staff field trip to Hamilton College and Rutgers University (March 2013).

THAT Camp Piedmont (March 2013).

THAT Camp Davidson (May 2012).



Boswell Family Sabbatical Fellowship (2014-15)

Davidson College Innovation Grant, “Studio-R,” Faculty Research & Travel to Russia to prepare for a 2017-18 Trans-disciplinary Campus Initiative on Revolution (May 2014).

Freeman Institute Japan Studies Program (Summer ‘09)

Davidson College Nominee, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation New Directions Fellowship (‘08)

Davidson Research Initiative Grant (Sumer ‘08)

Faculty Summer Research Grant, Davidson College (‘09, ‘06, ‘00, ‘97)

McCosh Hall Graduate Teaching Award (‘94)

Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni Summer Travel Fellowship (‘94)

Research Grant from English Department, Princeton University (‘94, ‘92)

Princeton University Fellowship (1990–94)

Phi Beta Kappa Society (‘88)

Charles A. Dana Scholarship (1985–88)



External Advisory Board, Modernist Journals Project (2009–)

Editorial Board, Journal of Modern Periodicals, Penn State University Press (2008–)

Program Committee, Modernist Studies Association (2008)

Modernist Studies Association (1998-)

Modern Language Association (1996-)



Oxford University Press
Penn State University Press
University of Illinois Press
Yale University Press.



Davidson College, Davidson, NC

Professor of English (2010–)
Associate Professor of English (2002–2010)
Assistant Professor of English (1996–2002)

Fields: Modernism & the Harlem Renaissance; modern British & American poetry; periodical studies; digital humanities; gender & sexuality studies; Africana Studies; literature, the visual arts, and architecture; 19th & 20th-century British literature.

Current Courses:

Picturing Texts, Making Media (ENG 473)
Modernism, Magazines, & Media (ENG 473)
Literature and the Visual Arts: Word-Art (ENG 393)
Studies in Modern Poetry (ENG 373)
Modern American Poetry (ENG 387)
Modern British and Irish Poetry (ENG 373)
Harlem Renaissance (ENG 294)
Literary Analysis (ENG 220)
Cultures and Civilization (HUM 160/1)
Media & Community (ENG 110)
Building Stories (WRI 101)

Previous Courses:

Modernism in Magazines (ENG 486)
Modernism in Black & White (ENG 487)
On Lines: The Web of Modernism (ENG 487)
Modern Poetry: Queer America (ENG 488)
Modernism: Space, Place, Gender (ENG 494)
“Making It New”: Modern Poetry (ENG 473)
Art on Art (ENG 495, team-taught senior colloquium)
Framing Desire (ENG 495, team-taught senior colloquium)
“Visual Pleasures”: British Literature, 1660-1900 (ENG 360)
British Fiction, 19th & 20th Century (ENG 372)
Modernism & the Cities (ENG 294)
New York Moderns: from the Village to Harlem (ENG 294)
Introduction to Modernism (ENG 294)
British Literature from 1800 (ENG 260)
Writers’ Studio: Seeing Texts, Writing Images (WRI 101)
Writing from the Right Side of the Brain (ENG 101)
Possible Selves (ENG 101)
The Architecture of the Essay (ENG 101)

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

British Literature 1798–1950, Instructor (1995)
Freshman Composition, Instructor, Princeton Writing Program (1994)
Modern American Poetry, Teaching Assistant to Douglas Mao (1994)
Nineteenth-Century British Fiction, Teaching Assistant to Uli Knoepflmacher (1993)
Writing Tutor, The Writing Center (1991–92, 1993)

Stanford University, Stanford, CA

Writing Tutor, Center for Teaching and Learning (1992–93)



Davidson College Friends of the Arts Board Member

Digital Studies Coordinating Committee (2012–2014)

E-Portfolio Pilot Project to Assess Distribution Requirements (2012-2014)

Grants and Fellowships Committee (2012–2014)

Equity Advisor for Faculty Hiring (2011–)

Advising Committee (2011-)

Inquiry to Support Student Writing at Davidson (Fall 2011)

Resident Direct, Davidson College Cambridge Program (Summer 2011)

Director, Honors Program in English (2009-10, 2006-07)

Public Events Coordination Implementation Team (2009-2010)

Educational Policy Committee (2008-2011)

Vice President for Programming, PTSA, Davidson I.B. Middle School (2008-)

Public Lectures Committee (2002–); organized Reynolds Lectures by Anna Deavere Smith; Zadie Smith, including an on-stage interview of Zadie Smith; Elizabeth Gilbert and Catherine Gilbert Murdock.

Faculty Advisory Group on Curriculum Development (2008-9)

Teacher Education Committee (2001–5)

Facilities Planning Commission, Working Group for the Chambers Renovation (2000–)

Curriculum Requirements Committee (1999–2000)

Faculty Panelist, “Academics @ Davidson” (2003)

Discussion Leader, APACT Poetry Night, Davidson United Methodist Church

Faculty Panelist, “Juggling Work and Family” National Women’s Month (2000)

Faculty Speaker, “A Day at Davidson” (2000, 1999)

Faculty Panelist, “Feminism at Davidson” 25th Anniversary of Coeducation at Davidson (1998)

NOAH member (2000–3)

NOAH Co-founder and co-chair of junior faculty teaching group (1998–2000)

Faculty Advisor to Gender Resource Center (1998–01)

Student Conduct Council (1998–9)

EPC Sub-Committee on Writing (Fall 1997–8)

Second Family at Davidson Host (Fall 1997–)

Phi Beta Kappa Banquet Committee (Spring 1998)

Panelist, FLAG Sexuality Forum (Spring 1998)

FLAG/BGLAD/GSA Member (1997–)

Faculty Luncheon, High School Counselor Visitation Program (1997)

Discussion Leader, First-year Orientation Book Discussion (annually)



ePortfolio Pilot Project for evaluating new distribution requirements (2012-’14)

“Word-Art.” IT Showcase (2013)

“Little Magazines & Modernism.” IT Showcase (2011).

“Youth Culture in the Harlem Renaissance Magazines, The Crisis and Fire!!” Faculty Research Group Presentation (Sept. 2009)

Composition Workshop (May 2008)

Cultures and Civilizations, NEH–funded faculty development seminar (Fall 2001)

Humanities Workshop (May 2001)

Service Learning Workshop (Spring 2001)

Exemplary Models: Using Web Technology in Teaching Panel of presentations co-sponsored by ITS and NOAH (January 2000)

Doc Klein, Blue Ridge Center Workshop on cooperative learning tools for the classroom (January 2000)

Davidson College Faculty Workshop on Teaching Composition (May 1999)

NOAH presentation on Team Teaching Davidson College (February 1999)

Modernist Studies Association (1999–)

Modern Language Association (1992–)

English Department Graduate Advisory Committee (1990–94)



Employment Outreach Project Coordinator, Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), Washington, DC (1992)

Publications Manager, National University Continuing Education Association (NUCEA), Washington, DC (1990)

Publications Assistant, National Public Radio (NPR), Washington, DC (1988–90)