Student Work

On or about December 2013, Davidson College unfolded “Davidson Domains,” an initiative that “allows students, faculty, and staff to register their own domain name and associate it with a hosted web space, free of charge while at Davidson College. With their Domain and corresponding web space, users… have the opportunity and flexibility to design and create a meaningful and vibrant digital presence.” I wrote a blog post about some inspiring student projects, and you can find a chronological list of examples below.

Since 1999, well before Davidson Domains, students have been contributing to the ongoing development of the Index of Modernist Magazines, which today is hosted on my domain. To encourage students to take advantage of their own domains, I’ve begun to assign more digital projects, with groundbreaking results. Here is a sampling of student work, all of which should be pretty self-explanatory, thanks to good UX design.

ENG 394: Avant-Garde (Fall 2017)

These projects are digital scholarly and/or teaching resources on avant-garde artists and writers.

Davidson Collaboratory (Fall 2017, team-taught with Dr. Shelley Rigger)

These collaborative projects, created by first-semester first-year undergraduates, use Knight Lab’s storytelling tools, JS Timeline and JS StoryMap.

ENG 294: The Harlem Renaissance (Spring 2017)

ENG 373: Terrible Beauty: Yeats & Modern Poetry (Fall 2016)

These works of digital scholarship on modern poetry are hosted on Davidson Domains.

ENG 473: Picturing Texts, Making Media (Fall 2016)

ENG 393: Word-Art (Spring 2016)

ENG 486: Modernism, Magazines & Media (Fall 2015)