Museum Feet


Today we had a great day of museum going, starting with a four-hour guided tour of the State Central Museum of Contemporary Russian History.  Here we are outside the museum.

After lunch at a nearby cafe, several of us decided to forgo the Metro and walk along tree-lined boulevards to the Pushkin Fine Arts Museum. We went to the twentieth century building, which was the perfect sized museum, the fine arts equivalent of Alison’s ideal play length–70 minutes without intermission. Still, by the end of the day, I had a case of serious museum feet and felt like the woman in this painting looks.

imageOur party broke up, with Mark, Allison, and Sharon going to meet a theater director, and the others heading north in the city to meet a current and former Davidson student for dinner at 8 pm. Having slept little last night, I just didn’t have the energy for a late dinner, so I walked back to our apartment, stopping for a ham and cheese bliny on the way. Though I managed to navigate the streets of Moscow, I couldn’t figure out how to call Amanda to tell her I made it back. Maybe she’ll check this blog and see that I have.


2 Responses to “Museum Feet”

  1. Amanda says:

    Glad you made it back. You should be proud of navigating on your own back to the apartment!

  2. Sharon Green says:

    Four hours at the Hermitage today, and I too have museum feet!

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