2003 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

Dear Friends and Family, We began our year by temporarily moving into a tiny two bedroom house to begin a “not so big” renovation of our true home.  It’s amazing how a kitchen renovation can run amuck into tearing out ¼ of your house and rebuilding a new kitchen, bathroom, and  master bedroom suite (and let’s not even get into the furniture shopping), but I testify that it can happen. Our architects and contractors were great.  They had creative ideas, […]

2002 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 2002 Dear Family and Friends, Here  we go again!  Last year you were subjected to a lawyer-drafted holiday letter because Suzanne was too busy preparing her academic file for tenure review.  Well, guess what?  Suzanne was granted tenure by Davidson College in April (hurray!).  And you know what that means?  Academic freedom, starting, in her mind, with freedom from writing this letter. I tried to tell Suzanne that there’s nothing academic, intellectual, or educational about writing our holiday card.  […]

2001 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 2001 Dear Family and Friends, It’s tenure year for Suzanne, and you know what that means?  It means that you get to read a holiday letter from a lawyer instead of an English professor! (I’ll try to avoid the legalese, and you’ll just have to imagine that Suzanne is writing this letter with her characteristic verve and wit, mutatis mutandis – oh, sorry.) The big event of the year, of course, was that I ran the Cooper River Bridge […]

2000 Holiday Letter

December 2000 Seasons greetings from us all! This year’s photo documents one of the highlights of our year: a family vacation to Italy. In celebration of my father’s 60th birthday, my parents rented a farmhouse in Tuscany and invited the whole family to join them. Before we left, Luke informed me that Italy was close to heaven–a voice on the radio told him. Whatever voice he heard proved prophetic, for the trip was heavenly. We enjoyed fine weather, gorgeous views, […]

1999 Holiday Letter

December 16, 1999 This year, we’re breaking from tradition and eliminating our mugs from the family portrait.  Rest assured that we look about the same.  Luke and Thomas, on the other hand, are growing like Kudzu (an Asian ground cover that has run amuck in this area). As you can see from the photo (Luke on the left, Thomas on the right), they are perfectly groomed, neatly dressed, and well behaved—at least for their grandparents, who commandeered the Wal-Mart photo […]

1998 Holiday Letter

December 1998 Dear Family and Friends, I almost didn’t think I’d get around to writing a letter this year, until I realized I could use it as an excuse to avoid grading papers. The biggest events of our year occurred during the summer: my brother, Jonathan, married Meig Walz, a bright, fun-loving sister-in-law.  Their wedding in Connecticut culminated a whirl-wind bi-coastal family vacation, which began in San Francisco with my cousin Heidi’s wedding, and included a visit to southern California […]