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2017 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

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2016 Holiday Letter (by Luke, Thomas & Zac Churchill)

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2015 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

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2014 Holiday Letter (from Matt Churchill)

February 14, 2015 Dear friends and family, Happy Valentines Day! 2014 was an eventful year in the Churchill household, with each kid hop-skipping off to new schools, and Suzanne leaping into a sabbatical, while I learned the old age shuffle. Yes, the “highlight” of my year was arthroscopic knee surgery. Now I’m not one to complain, but you would think that when I’m going under the knife, Suzanne would be clutching her rosary beads and praying for my welfare. Instead, […]

2013 Holiday Letter (Digital Edition), by Matt Churchill

    December 2013 PO Box 2143 Davidson, NC 28036   Dear friends and family, ‘Tis the season of college applications, and our children are nestled all snug at their laptops, while visions of essay prompts dance in our heads: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you see the word “Future”? Suzanne’s Answer: Tense. But I reject that pessimistic attitude.  When I see the word, “Future,” I think: Digital Age. And in that spirit, I offer this […]

2012 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 15, 2012 Dear friends and family, As I sit here slavishly tied to the computer, Suzanne is off gallivanting around England on another one of her modernism junkets.  I never realized what a gravy train early 20th century poetry could be (or that my wife could manage to convert a 45 minute lecture into a week-long extravaganza from Oxford to the Cotswolds and London).  But I am not one to complain—supportive spouse that I am.  I jumped into single […]

2011 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 2011 Dear friends and family, 2011 has been a difficult year for our family, mainly due to the sudden loss of my Mom, Jane Churchill, in October.  She was still working at the Durham, Connecticut public library when she died, and we were fortunate to gather as an extended family to celebrate her 80th birthday in June.  However, her full life and quick, peaceful passing simply do not fill the void left by her loss.  I thought about whether my […]

2010 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 2010 Dear Friends and Family, Now don’t you just hate receiving those holiday cards that brag about how son, Tyson, made straight A’s at Brown University while dating Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and how daughter, Brittany, when not starring in her own reality T.V. show, has found a cure for halitosis? “Wait a second, Matt.  I don’t mean to interrupt your rant, but is that a picture of your son, Luke, with President Obama?” I’m a little embarrassed that […]

2009 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 20, 2009 Dear Friends and Family, 2009 was a year for weddings.  Now some of you may be wondering how a couple of 43-year olds would get involved in a series of nuptials.  While we do live in the South, even down here Luke and Thomas (age 13) are still a bit young to get hitched.  And most of our college and high school friends got the marrying bug out of their systems in their twenties and early 30s. […]

2008 Holiday Letter (by Matt Churchill)

December 2008 Dear Friends and Family, I’m back!  Suzanne, with her Davidson College faculty gig, managed a full-year vacation (I mean sabbatical) in 2007 – 2008, but somehow all I finagled was a year free of holiday letter writing.  But, unfortunately for you, all good things must come to an end. One of the benefits of aging is that you start to see all of your parenting efforts begin to bear fruit. Take Zac (age 7 and a second grader […]